The quality of our bullet-proof cars is based in three pillars: security, final appearance and low added weight. Using the best materials with the most modern technic and the better trained workforce allow to offer products that satisfy our clients.

Basic features:



We replace all the windows of your vehicle and replace it with laminated glass plate having an anti-lacerative, that protect you from shrapnel. We guarantee the development of a glass.  Looks and curvature remains the same as the original. Our armored glass factory has the most advanced international technique in laminating materials, allowing us to provide maximum ballistic protection with less thickness and additional weight of the market.

Other areas

We process  the opaque area of the vehicle according to the chosen level using the state of the art materials (Kevlar, Twaron Ballistics Ceramics, Spectra Shield, Liba, DYNEEMA, etc.), always thinking about the maximum protection with minimum additional weight.

Levels: (summary)




Additional weight

Delivey time

Level II Plus
2/3 “
200 – 300 lb
3 – 4 weeks
Level III
4/5 “
Kevlar, Nylon
300 – 400 lb
3 – 4 weeks
Level IV
1 1/2 “
Acero, Nylon
900 – 1.600 lb
5 – 8 weeks
Level V
2 “
Acero, Nylon
1.800 – 2400 lb
6 – 8 weeks

If you want to know more detail about each level, click on the level wanted.