• ¿Can I include my armor in the lease?

Yes, they can be included in the lease contract

  • ¿Do I lose the vehicle warranty with the armoring?

The Industry and Commerce Superintendence dictates that warranty cannot be voided in the systems that the armor company did not touch: engine, electrical system, brakes, etc.

Those parts touched by us will be covered by a 5 years extended warranty

  • ¿How long does it take to process the armor permit for levels III, IV and V?

The permit is processed in the Security Superintendence it takes around 2 months. For this permit the threat level must be proven.

  • ¿Does the vehicle have to be modified to adapt to the added weight?

For levels II Plus and III there is no need to do any modification, this is because the added weight tends to be lower than the maximum weight allowed by the vehicle. For levels IV and V we improve the suspension system, sometimes we improve power and brakes too.

  • ¿Do you have agreements with insurance companies?

Yes, we do have agreements with all major insurance companies.